Happy Last Day to Grill Day!!

Happy Labor Day!

I hope most you are enjoying a day off and getting to have some time with friends and family. Our plans for the day include sleeping in and then, well, we haven’t planned beyond that. So it’s pretty much just the sleeping in. . .

I have some awesome God stuff to report!! God has moved in the hearts of some people in WA to see to it that our whole family is able to fly to WA in mid-November for the state convention. (Thank you! Whoever you are!) The convention will be held in Yakima this year. (Coincidence?! I think not!) It will be a wonderful opportunity to address the leadership and many, many pastors in the area and share with them the vision God has laid on our hearts for the Yakima Valley. We will be able to talk to local pastors, visit with churches and do a field survey.

I am so excited for this trip on many levels and for many reasons!!! First of all, the generous offer made by individuals in WA to make the trip possible at all is another confirmation of God’s leading. We are walking a path of faith like never before and these confirmations serve as encouragement to keep going.

I am also excited to see the “lay of the land” with fresh eyes for the harvest. We know WA well and are very familiar with Yakima in particular. But we have never really looked at it from God’s perspective of a harvest field, ripe for the harvest. It will be exciting to be able to be on the ground there and pray over the area, specifically Moxee. I can’t wait to meet our core team in person and be able to talk and pray with them face to face.

And finally, I am of course excited to see our friends and family again. We haven’t seen many of them for over two years. It makes me want to cry just imagining what the reunion will be like.

This trip will be a whirlwind, I know that already. But, it will also be a wonderful time of seeing God work and delighting in Him.

Would you please pray with us as we plan out the trip? Including meetings, events and possible speaking engagements that God will lead and guide us and cause the trip to be very fruitful? Please pray for all we come in contact with that they too would be able to see the vision God has laid on our hearts and will be excited to help and participate in the work. And please pray for safe and smooth traveling! We’ve never done a trip like this with the whole family and I’m sure it will be an adventure!

Lastly, when we get back, our house will be turned into crazy circus town as we will have just barely a month to make final preparations for the move. Cars will need tuning, walls painting, house cleaning, paperwork and important documents gathered and organized and all other final preparations for the big move will need to be made. In short, there will be a lot to do and very little time to do it. Please be praying for that critical time in the move.

That is all for now! Please comment with your own thoughts and prayer requests! We would love to be able to pray for you as well!


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