From Here to There (or, why are we there, yet?)

Sometimes it seems we have been set adrift on the S.S. How-the-Heck-Is-This-All-Going-to-Work-Out??? It seems the list of details to be worked out to get us from AL to WA, from need to provision, and from nothing to something, is never-ending. In all the craziness, it’s easy to forget why we are doing this in the first place. It’s easy to lose focus when your future looks like a giant black hole. But the reality is, God WILL get us from AL to WA, from need to provision, and from nothing to something. Not only that, but there will come a day when all of these details will seem meaningless and trivial compared to what God is going to do in Moxee and the Yakima Valley region, and even more importantly, what he will do in the lives of individuals that are reached by the work he has invited us to be a part of through The River Church.

As our lives get turned upside down, we are striving to remember the lostness of the people God is seeking out and calling to himself. That’s what we are praying, and we ask you to pray that, as well. Please pray for God to move mightily in the hearts of his people who have no idea what God is about to do in their lives. Perhaps he is about to rescue some from a lifelong addiction. Some from a toxic, abusive relationship. Some from religious legalism and some from a life of licentiousness. Some from bondage to liberty in Christ. From darkness to light. From fear to faith. From lost to found.

This is our prayer. That in all our frantic efforts to get from here to there we never forget that the ultimate goal is to get people from hell to heaven. Right now there are people living and dying in Moxee and all over the Yakima Valley region who do not know Christ and never will apart from the work God has given us the privilege to be a part of. And while it is the scariest, craziest (and that’s saying something for us!) and most faith-stretching mission we’ve ever been a part of, it is also the biggest, best and most amazing opportunity we’ve ever had to watch God work in ways we’ve never seen before or even dreamed possible. It’s not everyday you see a desert turned into pools and springs of living water, but get ready. God is doing something that if we told you, you would not believe!

Pray with us!

(To help make disciples and plant churches in the Yakima Valley, go to


3 thoughts on “From Here to There (or, why are we there, yet?)

  1. We’re adrift on that same boat most of the time! Blessings as you partake in the adventure of a life pursing God’s will for you and others. Chad has always dreamed of planting a church in this same area, though God has work for us in Kenya for the time being. We will be praying for you to feel God’s loving hand in all that comes your way!

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