In the fall of 2009, God planted an idea in my heart. Could God use me to plant a church? Almost four years later that idea is becoming a reality.

Through much prayer and seeking God’s Word we are ready to follow God’s call to go to the Yakima Valley and plant a church. God has opened so many doors for us to do this. It is amazing to see how he has ordained various means of confirming this call.

Over the next weeks and months we will share more of our story. We invite you to pray with us as we begin this adventure. God has plans for the Yakima Valley that we cannot even imagine, yet he has begun to give us a vision for how he wants to use us. We are praying that he will reveal his plans to us and empower us to do it. We can do nothing on our own. Will you join in praying?

Pastor and Church Planter Michael Johnson blogs at accordingtoyourword.org.


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