Field Trip Time!

We are chomping at the bit to get on the ground in Moxee!! Our move is barely two months away and there is still so much to do to prepare. We are still looking for a house in Moxee. Please pray that God will direct us to the house he has for us. We are praying for a house that we can use as our “mission headquarters.” God is already providing and we couldn’t be more excited or grateful for his provision!

Please pray for us as we take a trip to WA for a field trip. We will be attending the state convention meeting in November which will take place in Yakima this year. (How convenient!!) At this time, there will be a serious fundraising effort as we will have an opportunity to make contact with as many local pastors and churches as possible. It’s also going to be a great opportunity to meet face-to-face (Skype not necessary!) with our church planting team. We’re very much looking forward to seeing them!

Several people will be working to help us raise support. Will you please be in prayer that we find several churches that would be excited, willing and able to support us in the work in Yakima? Please also continue to pray that we find individuals who are excited to be a part of the work and would be willing and able to offer financial support. Right now, raising financial support is our biggest need so we appreciate your fervent prayers in this area!

That is all for now! Thank you and God bless!


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